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Adrian Trimpe Building

Trimpe Building

Currently used as: Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Institutional Equity, Multicultural Center

The Trimpe Distributive Education building is where the Office of Institutional Equity and the Multicultural Center can be found. It is on Knollwood Ave. south of the traffic circle.

Facility Information

Directions:From Stadium Drive, take Howard Street north. Turn right on West Michigan Ave, then right on Knollwood Ave. Trimpe is on the east side of Knollwood Ave.
Map:Trimpe Building

Bronco Fix-It

Maintenance request:
Visitor - Parking Lot 39
Student - Parking Lot 76
Employee - Parking Lot 39
Building Coordinator:Cindy Town, Institutional Equity

Space Usage and Historical Information

Trimpe Building was completed or acquired in 1966 and has 2 floors.
It has roughly 14845 square foot.
Original Use:Family and Consumer Sciences
Dedication Info:1966
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