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William Brown Hall

Brown Hall

Currently used as: English, Communication, Spanish and Foreign Languages

Brown Hall houses the classrooms for the English, Communication, and Foreign Language Departments. It is located near Sprau Tower on west Shaw Ln.

Facility Information

Directions:From Stadium Drive, take Howard Street northwest. Turn right on S. VandeGiessen, then left on Western Ave and another right on Roell. Park in lot 35
Map:Brown Hall

Bronco Fix-It

Maintenance request:
Visitor - Parking Lot 33, 35 or 71
Student - Parking Lot 35
Employee - Parking Lot 33
Building Coordinator:Jon VanderMeer, Communications Lab

Space Usage and Historical Information

Brown Hall was completed or acquired in 1967 and has 5 floors.
It has roughly 58258 square foot.
Original Use:English, Communication, and Foreign Languages
Dedication Info:June 1967; to William R. Brown, member of the English Department for 39 years, Department head for the last 10 of those years.
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