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James O. Knauss Hall

Knauss Hall

Currently used as: Lecture Halls

Knauss Hall is a building on Main Campus that contains several lecture halls within it. It is across the street from Moore Hall, and has an elevated walkway connecting it to Friedmann Hall.

Facility Information

Directions:From Stadium Drive, take Howard Street west. Turn right on S. VandeGiessen, then right on Western Ave. Turn left on Arcadia Rd. Park in lot 7.
Map:Knauss Hall

Bronco Fix-It

Maintenance request:
Visitor - Parking Lot 71
Student - Parking Lot 34 or 35
Employee - Parking Lot 38
Building Coordinator:Kimberly Hunt, College of Arts & Sciences

Space Usage and Historical Information

Knauss Hall was completed or acquired in 1971 and has 3 floors.
It has roughly 25924 square foot.
Original Use:Lecture Halls
Dedication Info:1971
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