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Building Information

Gilmore House (085)

Current Use:
The Gilmore House is where Western holds many of its formal gatherings. It can be found on Short Rd. off of Wheaton Ave., and is next to the President's Residence.

Facility Information

Bronco Fix-It request for:

From Stadium Dr, turn right on Howard St. SE, and turn left on Oakland Dr. Then turn right on Wheaton Ave. It can be found on Short Rd. off of Wheaton Ave.
Visitor -
Student -
Employee -
(signage may change as necessary without notice)
Building  Coordinator:
Kate Marshall
(269) 655-5466

Space Usage and Historical Information

Gilmore House was donated in 1991 and was originally constructed in 1939. It has approximately 15,993 square foot on 3 floors.
Current Use: