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WMU Facilities Management Dashboards

Our department has been collecting facility asset and operational data for several years. We use this data to measure our performance, monitor trends, set benchmarks, and keep our team focused on continuous improvement. We will update this data on a regular basis and add metrics that represent our facility stewardship responsibility.

Trends of WMU's energy consumption.

Electrical Usage
Electrical consumption on main campus since 1997.
Steam Usage
Steam usage on main campus since 1997.
Energy Consumption
A look at overall energy use since 1997.
Water Usage
Water usage on main campus since 1997.
Power Plant Emissions
WMU Power Plant's emissions of NOx since 1993.

Metrics of recycling activity and environmental stewardship.

Storm Runoff
Reduction of acres of runoff using storm water management practices.
Salt Usage
Reduction of salt usage by introduction of beet juice as an alternative.
Acres Managed
Acres of Natural Areas Managed.
Natural Areas volunteers.

Trends analysis of facility management strategies to improve operational effectiveness.

Preventative Maintenance requests versus Service requests
Environmental Controls
The number of Service calls for spaces that are too hot or too cold
Electrical Outage
Electrical power reliability on main campus and BTR campus.

Response time, satisfaction survey, and trends of service.

Average Days to Complete Service Requests
Average time from open date to close date of the work order.
Work Orders
Average survey results for overall satisfaction.

Trend analysis of various facility asset categories.

Classroom Audit
Seating, Lighting and Overall scores.
Elevator Modernization
New and Renewed Elevators on Campus.