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Western Michigan University
Facilities Management Department

Facility Event Service Request

Facilities Management is your on-campus support team to help ensure your event is successful. FM will provide custodial, landscape, maintenance, and construction services for events taking place on the university campus.

In order to determine the required level of support and any associated costs, please fill out this form. Return the completed form* via e-mail to the Facilities Management Service Center: If you have questions about the event form, you may contact the FM Service Center, M-F, 7AM-5PM (269)387-8514.

*Event Request Forms must be submitted at least five (5) business days prior to the event. Services cannot be guaranteed for requests received with less than five (5) business days notice — department/organization making the request is liable for all applicacable costs. Failure to submit a request, which leads to needing any service provided, could result in department/organization being liable for all applicable costs.

Event Name:
Date(s) of Event:
Event Time(s):
(begin) (end)
Estimated Attendance:
Location of Event:
Room Numbers for all spaces used:
External areas being used, if any (i.e. loading dock, courtyard, lawn):
Building/Space Contact Person:

Contact Information
Event Coordinator: Title/Position:
Contact Phone #: Email:
Person submitting request, if different from event coordinator:
Name: Title/Position:
Contact Phone #: Email:
Fund and Cost Center (F/CC):
I/We would like an estimate for costs before proceeding:
YES, please send estimate NO, please proceed with request
Event Needs (please check all that apply)
Custodians on duty prior to event (pre-cleaning)
Custodians on duty during event
Custodians on duty after event (post-cleaning)
Extra trash receptacles (inside)
Other cleaning needs, if yes please provide detailed explanation below
Landscape personnel on duty prior to event (pre-cleaning)
Landscape personnel on duty during event
Landscape personnel on duty after event (post-cleaning)
Extra trash receptacles and/or dumpsters (outside)
Barrier fencing
Banner installation
Portable toilets
Floral decoration (seasonal)
Snow removal
Other landscaping needs, if yes please provide detailed explanation below
Electrical (Electrician on duty, patch panel, etc.) Please explain below
Plumbing (Plumber on duty, water hose connection, etc.) Please explain below
Environmental (Environmental Control person on duty, heating/cooling adjustments, etc.) Please explain below
Other maintenance needs, if yes please provide detailed explanation below

Recycling for paper and cardboard
Recycling for bottles, cans, plastic cups, etc
Recycling for polystyrene foam (styrofoam)

Please detail types of recyclable materials and approximate number of containers for each:

Parking WMU Parking Services 269-387-4609
Traffic Control WMU Dept of Public Safety 269-387-5555
Network Services WMU Office of Information Technology 269-387-4357
Recycling WMU Recycling Services 269-387-8165
CATERING WMU Catering 269-387-4868
Extra Tables/chairs WMU Logistical Services 269-387-8800
Tent rental* Outside vendors See yellow pages
*Utility damage prevention MISS DIG 1-800-482-7171
  • Facilities Management is not able to provide resources to support an event that would result in a shortage of services to other customers.
  • Event Coordinator is responsible for ensuring spaces are returned to the condition they were in prior to the event.

Please list below any additional items or information needed to ensure a successful outcome for your event: