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South Neighborhood Redevelopment

View of the redevelopment of the south neighborhood on WMU's main campus. Demolition of the 1950's era Elmwood Apartments took place between June and August 2018. Current construction is for the South Neighborhood Housing.

Interested in the preparation of the site? View the time lapse of the demolition of Elmwood Apartments

Visit the capital projects page to see more of what's happening on and around campus.

Recent image

These images are automatically updated about every minute. There are also 7-day lookback videos available on the tab above.

Camera 2

Camera 1

Historical Weekly Images

See the weekly progress. Look back through Wednesday images. Simply click on the image, it will open below.

Camera 2

Please click on thumbnail above to see image

Time Lapse

The time lapse videos below provide a 7-day lookback of the site. They are automatically regenerated twice a day.

Camera 1

Camera 1 direct link to MP4 video

Camera 2

Camera 2 direct link to MP4 video

YouTube videos of South Neighborhood

A time lapse of the demolition of Elmwood Apartments and cleanup of the site. From June 7th through the end of September 2018. A visualization of the new housing and student center & dining facility at the end.