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Lawson Ice Arena Gabel Natatorium

Lawson Arena

Currently used as: Ice skating, swimming, hockey

Lawson Ice Arena hosts Western's hockey stadium as well as an Olympic size swimming pool. It can be accessed by Roell Rd. in the southern end of the Main Campus.

Facility Information

Directions:From Stadium Drive, take Howard Street west. Turn right on S. VandeGiessen, then left on Western Ave, then left on Roell. Turn right on Worner, then right on Mussui Drive.
Map:Lawson Arena

Bronco Fix-It

Maintenance request:
Visitor - Parking Lot 70 or 74
Student - Parking Lot 63, 64 or 70
Employee - Parking Lot 63
Building Coordinator:Paul Schneider, Lawson Arena

Space Usage and Historical Information

Lawson Arena was completed or acquired in 1974 and has 4 floors.
It has roughly 108342 square foot.
Original Use:Ice skating, swimming, hockey
Dedication Info:1974
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