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Waldo Library

Currently used as:

Waldo Library is the largest of WMU's library facilities, and in addition to a large number of resources, it also has classrooms and study rooms available for student use. It is a large white building in the Main Campus next to McCracken Hall and is attached to the University Computing Center.

Facility Information

Directions:Take Stadium Dr. turn northwest onto Oliver St. then turn right on Western Ave. then left onto West Michigan. Park in Lot 49.
Map:Waldo Library

Bronco Fix-It

Maintenance request:
Visitor - Parking Lot 68, 69 or 28
Student - Parking Lot 100 or 61
Employee - Parking Lot 27 or 28
Building Coordinator:Regina Buckner, Director, Operational Services

Space Usage and Historical Information

Waldo Library was completed or acquired in 1958 and has 5 floors.
It has roughly 261858 square foot.
Original Use:Library
Dedication Info:1958; to Dwight B. Waldo First president of the University
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