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Project Tools and Templates


Starting the Project

Initial Project Meeting Agenda

Project Scope Document

Team Development Tool

Project Kickoff meeting for Design Phase or Feasibility Phase

Project Kickoff meeting for Construction Phase

Budget Tools

Budget Development Sheet (New 2016)(Revised: 01/29/2016)

for projects after November 10th, 2015
Workbook includes:
  • Construction Project Authorization Form (FM-101C)
  • Design Project Authorization Form (FM-101D)
  • Client Project Scope and Budget Change Authorization Form (FM-102)
  • Facilities Management Design Services Estimate (FM-103D)
  • Facilities Management Construction Cost Estimate (FM-103C)

Integrated Project Managment Workbook (2010 - 2015)(Revised: 07/05/2012)

for projects after November 1st, 2010 through November 2015
Workbook includes:
  • Customer Project Authorization Form (FM-101)
  • Customer Project Budget Adjustment Doc (FM-102)
  • Facilities Management Cost Estimate (FM-103)
  • Project Close Out Document (FM-104)
Professional Billing Rates may be found at:
V:\CommonResources\_PM Tools & Templates\2) Starting the project

Tracking the Project

Tracking Tools
  • Budget Summary
  • Change Order Log
  • Procurement Log
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