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Legacy Collections

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Legacy Collections

Western Michigan University's new 8.3 million dollar 16,000 square-foot Legacy Collections Building will be housing Southwestern Michigan's historical data, on top of all Western's archived data.  The goals for the new Facility will be to constantly maintain a preservation environment and security controls throughout the building.  It is estimated that there will be room for steady collection growth until the year 2030.

There will be common areas as well instructional space for groups ranging in size from ten to 100, this will also include adequate research space for an additional 25 patrons.  Staff and students will have great ease and accessibility to the building and reading room area.

The new Legacy Collections' environmental conditions will be unparalleled to any other archival records facility, but will comply with strict NISO (National Information Standards Organization) guidelines.  After the building's completion in summer of 2013, Western Michigan University will have 28,000 documents in its care, with extremely monitored temperature, relative humidity, air quality and light conditions to keep the documents from being destroyed.