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Facilities Management

Project and Service Requests

  • arrow Emergencies
    • An emergency is defined as an immediate threat to someone or something's safety and/or security.
  • Bronco Fix It Bronco FixIt
    • General maintenance, repair, or replacement of:
      • Lighting, roofs, electrical, plumbing, appliances, carpentry, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Maintenance Problems that will receive same-day service:
      • No power
      • Safety hazard such as exposed wires
      • Room security - lock not functional
      • Noisy heating unit
      • Water flooding the classroom
      • Temperature extremes (exceeds University standards)
  • project requestProject Request
    • Renovation or remodeling (painting, carpet replacement, etc.)
    • Cubicle reconfiguration
    • New furnishings or equipment
    • ADA accommodation
    • Studies or evaluations
    • Project management
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