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Transportation Monthly Fleet Billing

Audience: Transportation management

Fleet billing is intended to collect monthly fees that is outside of the TMA mechanism of work orders.  This monthly billing for vehicles collect up to 3 different fees.  This process is run by FMIT as part of the month end process.

  • Replacement Reserve into 46-8407710-8997
  • Budgeted Maintenance into 46-6437340-8997
  • Administrative Fee into 46-6437300-8997

The budgeted maintenance and replacement reserve are optional fees if the vehicle owner wants to collect that monthly.
An example vehicle with all 3 is below

Processing trans #4     0051    posting:2021-08-31                    
 Debit : 11-6404450       -$257.00      Funded Transportation Veh:0051  
 CR/Adm: 46-6437300-8997   $48.00       Administrative Fee   Veh:0051
 CR/BM : 46-6437340-8997   $47.00       Budgeted Maintenance Veh:0051
 CR/RR : 46-8407710-8997   $162.00      Replacement Reserve  Veh:0051

The bolded portion above is what you see in GLOW when you look up the appropriate fund and cost center.

Qualifying vehicles for billing

There are 3 criteria that are needed to make a vehicle bill this method.

  1. The vehicle is Active.
  2. Vehicle Ownership is set to L.  This is located on the Auxiliary tab for the vehicle.
  3. Trans. Billing F+CC is set.  This is located on the UDF tab for the vehicle.

If any of these are not set, then the vehicle will not participate in this monthly billing


The transportation billed account, in the example above is 11-6404450 is not on the identity tab.  Put the departments billing account on the UDF tab as Trans. Billing F+CC

If the customer is enrolled in budgeted maintenance, then the account on the identity tab is the 46-6437340 account.  If they are not enrolled, then the account on the identity tab would be the same as the department billing account.  This works because a standard TMA work order attached to the vehicle will bill the account on the identity tab.

Fee values

Administrative Fee

The administrative fee is hard coded in the process that FMIT runs at billing time.  It is also the same for all vehicles that do fleet billing.  If it needs to be changed please contact Erik Dantes.  It currently is set to $48.

Budgeted Maintenance

This is an optional fee.  For all vehicles this fee is drawn into 46-6437340-8997.  When you are using this, the departmental account is on the UDF tab, and the transportation fund 46 is entered on the identity tab in the account field.  On the UDF tab, enter the maintenance amount in Budgeted Maintenance field.


Replacement Reserve

This is an optional fee.  If the client wants to put away monies for the replacement of the vehicle you would use this.  It is very much like a layaway plan for the next replacement.  The customer puts away a monthly value so that at the end of life for the current vehicle, they have saved for the purchase of the next.  On the UDF tab, enter the value for the monthly replacement reserve in Replacement Reserve field.