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Human Resources Team

Members: Dion, Lori, Sandy, Patty, Brandy, Allison, John K, Eleonora

Human Resources Team
Activity Details
Personnel HR forms, hiring, separation checklist, discipline, PeopleSoft HR Reports , Kudo letters
Onboarding/Offboarding Students HR forms, orientation booklet, exist checklist and interview, performance evaluation
Onboarding/Offboarding AFSCME HR `forms, orientation booklet, exist checklist and interview, performance evaluation, safety training, physicals, interview scheduling, creating/inactivation of TMA tech (clock ID)
Onboarding/Offboarding Staff HR forms, orientation booklet, exist checklist and interview, performance evaluation, safety training, physicals, hearing test scheduling, interview scheduling
Staffing Changes TMA updates for clock ID, id card building access, letters to staff
Electronic Key Boxes updating keys, access
Certifications CDL, pesticide , BFP, data entry in TMA
Collective Bargaining Agreement filing discipline, letters, YTD overtime summary, compliance with contract language with SL/AL usage, FMLA, LOA, quarterly meetings
OT Process Process OT postings and awards, track staff, letters, Update YTD summary report
Grievances Track, issue, generate letter
Summer Dining allocation of dining staff
Organizational Chart updates and posting on webpage
Attendance Report biweekly for tardy, no punch,12 minute rule and punching outside designated area
Uniforms AFSCME and management, scheduling, selecting clothing, facilitating with outside vendor and delivery of orders and cost centers allocation, this includes summer dining employees
Training entering data into TMA
Payroll (Kronos) Time keeping and entry AFSCME, Students, Hourly staff, track FMLA and worker's comp
Payroll (PeopleSoft) Time keeping and entry Salaried staff, Track FMLA and worker's comp
AFSCME Transfer Process  
FM-220: Employee Process Update  


Financial Team

Members: Sarah, Anand, Terri, Monica, Tara, John S, David

Financial Team
Activity Details
Unit/Division Budget Support Monthly reports for each cost centers, fiscal year projections, detail expenses and revenue, adjustments to object code budget, reconciling glow reports
Contracts, Material Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Vouchers, Invoices Indusco, BailTek, Xerox maintenance, Answer United, Rose Pest etc., work with Project managers and Purchasing to process project related contracts and PO's, work with FM and Purchasing to process dept related contracts and PO's, Accounts Payable satellite office to pay FM invoices in Peoplesoft
Administrative Staff Cost Tracking project managers, design and technical support time entered on projects- enter into TMA
Debt Services university debt and bonds, track bond and grant projects for reimbursement and accuracy, move budgeted funds to projects and track in TMA
Fixed Assets inventory, tagging and recording, capital gains
Project Cost Centers set up cost center for new projects via JES and BES, return remaining funds at close of project via JES, maintain integrity of TMA project data entry
Procards entering what was purchased information into Bank of America Personal Accts & sign off, add to TMA when appropriate, tracking usage and timely completion of log sheets and supporting documentation, archive Procard purchase logs and participate in annual audit, run monthly statements for all procard users and reconcile all accounts
Cell Phones monthly stipend-incidental payment forms, renewal/upgrade/cancel phones, replacement of phones, JES the charges for Verizon to Business Services fcc,
Short Road Pay, track and JES the internet, cable, utilities
Journal Entries Process JES and BES entries
Utility Bills payment and document management, Consumers, process reimbursements for KPH, Howard Strip Mall and Cell Towers
Shoe Allowance, Safety Equipment and other reimbursements in compliance with AFSCME guidelines AFSCME annual allowance-process payments
Staffing Changes TMA billing rate, funding source ,procards
Vehicles purchasing and selling cost centers, amortization
Vehicles Request, issue and track fuel cards
Billing Open, review, obtain signatures, intradepartmental JES transfers, chargebacks, month end TMA billing, carpet cleaning allocation of charges, monitor TMA dashboard reports to keep up to date, research and resolve discrepancies regarding billing
Time and Material Contract tracking invoices, contract specifications compliance, renew and rebids processed
Time Sheets TMA data entry
OT Process charging work orders and cost center
Summer Dining appropriate cost center allocation
Mileage Reimbursement salaried and hourly monthly vouchers
Professional Membership APPA, NFPA, AIA, PE, AUID, Green Seal, USGBC, ASHRAE, MiAPPA, MAPPA, ISSA
Travel prepare travel authorization, online approval process, booking flights, rental hotel, conference, reimbursement expenses, pay for registration/conference fees
Pay and Track Utilities Consumers Energy electric and gas, City Water and Sewer, Bulk gas rates


Other Team

Members: Pete, Mark F, Jeff, Jennifer, Lu, Laura, Erik, George
Meeting weekly on Tuesdays

Other Team
Activity Details
Federal and State FM Initiaited Reports project status weekly reports, review to ensure projects remain within budgets and follow up over budgets
Meeting Minutes attend, record and issue meeting minutes
Parking Passes acquire/purchase passes for guest and monitor usage
Office Supplies stationary, copy paper, pens, pencils, all general office supplies, business cards, name tags, etc. and adhere to annual budget allowance
Copiers central multi-functional machines with service contracts
Building Card Access access rights for staff
Keys requesting new keys
Hospitality retirement, recognition, celebration, picnics, gifts, holiday gatherings
Vehicles Insurance and paperwork, vehicle repairs documentation, scheduling PMs, updating assets ,recall documentation documentation
Vehicles Purchasing and Selling documentation, titles
Scheduling meetings
Time and Material Contract tracking invoices, contract specifications compliance, process renewals and rebids
OT Process Posting and awarding per CBA including mandatory
Computers renewal for staff including desktops, laptops and iPad
Outside Contractors  
Policy and Employee Handbook Management , student and AFSCME
Travel online approval process booking flights, rental hotel , conference, reimbursement expenses
Webpage review, edit and update
Radios maintain inventory list and update documentation, review licenses and cost centers, including software
Mail retrieve and distribute daily
Reports and KPIs  
Email Distribution List update and maintain current
Contract or Financial Liason rose pest control, Indusco, KSS, Nichols
Contracts Indusco
Hosting conferences, special groups
Equipment and Supply Ordering place orders Amazon, any suppliers
Monthly Meetings with Directors and PMs

organize project list pre meeting, lead meeting, follow up with issues

Social Media